Studying Abroad in these times ???

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Studying aboard is no mean task and more so the decision and homework that goes with it. With so many things to arrange for, such as qualification exam score, fees, visa etc, that one typically loses track of the aim for which one is pursuing the exercise for. Aim of getting best possible education, aim of best utilization of one’s resources, aim of settling abroad, aim of getting job and return on investment! Agencies or Consultants who facilitate admissions are often driven by their partner obligations and their own business goals to really think for the students or their families who invest everything for such an opportunity. There is just no way to find out the real deal unless it comes from a person who has been there, done that and is willing to share their own experiences - good or bad. Somebody who can provide you with a direct insight into your immediate future i.e., an opportunity to carefully steer your choices in terms of country, university, career and much more! Who other than Alumni is best source of such an information. Unfortunately, most of platforms and consultant out there do not put you in touch with Alumni, who could help much beyond what college says about themselves. Now what if, we say that there exists an platform that helps you to get one to one video call with Alumni of universities, so that you can learn from their experience and can make best decision for yourself ! Would that really be too good to be true? See you on !!!
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